Aquatic Research

Through Mystic Aquarium, Sea Research Foundation has a long history of conducting high-quality research that has contributed to the advancement of husbandry techniques for animals in an aquarium setting, as well as improvements in aquatic animal medicine. Champions of animal conservation, Sea Research scientists, trainers and veterinarians travel the world to help protect endangered and threatened species.

Photo of diver in kelp forest with ROV

Aquatic Research Department

Photo of African Penguin

From pioneering efforts that led to the formulation of artificial seawater used by aquariums, home hobbyists and marine facilities worldwide to current animal studies, our Aquatic Research Department has earned a reputation as a leader in aquatic animal research. More>

Current efforts aim to reverse the dramatic decline of the African penguin and determine the environment’s effect on beluga whale health. More>

Laboratories & Services

Photo of research lab at Mystic Aquarium

Located behind the scenes at Mystic Aquarium, our state-of-the-art research laboratory facilitates advanced studies in animal nutrition, immunology, veterinary science and infectious diseases. More>

Our laboratory facilities are available for use by qualified veterinary scientists with needs for nutritional, immunological and molecular diagnostic testing. More>